Lounge, Luggage Storage, Coworking and an amazing atmosphere.

Thousands of people travel to Lisbon to see with their own eyes if such a beautiful city is real. It is. Your senses will be excited with the colors, flavors, music, fragrances ... and some pains in your legs. Going up and down the hills with bags? Not any more!

Throw yourself on the couch. Take your shoes off. Cross your legs. You are ready to begin your journey. Get on your computer and get to work. We have very fast internet wi-fi, with 110 MB to download and 106 MB to upload. Now you are working ... as if you were home. Have a water, a tea, a coffee, a piece of fruit. You will see smiles, people from other places in the world, digital nomads. It's like working from home, only more fun :)

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