Information about Eurt


The World is Eurts! 

Eurt is a new platform set to disrupt the way people travel...for the better! 

Our goal?

To remove the headaches associated with travel. 

From our team's extensive travel experience we know that many of these hassles seem to 'appear out of thin air' only after you arrive at a destination. We want you to be able to focus on why you chose to travel in the first place. 

Luggage storage is one of those hassles. Whether it's before check-in or after check-out, in the Airbnb age of travel, a lot of travelers simply don't have access to hotel concierge services. Even if they do, business travelers may enjoy a day trip away from their hotel after their work finishes. And what about the nomadic backpacker on a budget hopping from place to place at random? We are your tribe! We do the same things and we have felt the same stress. 

Eurt is a P2P marketplace connecting travelers with an array of local services and info in an immediate, on-demand fashion. We do this in a way which provides local businesses new marketing channels and local residents new sources of revenue.  Eurt strives to help both the travelers and the local economies they visit.

 Travel,    Better